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fron page pic 1Bulk Bin Packaging, LLC has been providing agricultural packaging for 19 years and we continue to add value to farmers coast to coast. From boxes to bags, Bulk Bin supplies products that will protect our customers’ produce from field to market! Let our passion and experience help guide you in picking your next packaging supplier!


What We Do

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Direct sales

Take advantage of Bulk Bin Packaging volume purchasing power. Bulk Bin has the ability to coordinate purchasing and deliveries at competitive prices. Because of this, Bulk Bin is in a preferred position to provide added service features such as scheduling, inventory control and follow through. These important services enable BBP customers to concentrate their full efforts on growing and handling while knowing with confidence that packaging materials will be delivered as ordered and on time.


Bulk  Bin Packaging is unique in its ability to work with major packaging manufacturers to obtain the right materials and design for customers’ individual requirements. Bulk Bin’s in-house graphic designer works closely with customers in order to design a great looking package and to assist with determining the correct structural design for their product.


Learn more about our printing technology! http://www.bulkbin.com/design-services-2



Strong Watermelon Bins

Watermelon Bin 36"

Our watermelon bins are not only strong, but we price them out competitively! This is our wagon bin that comes in an octagonal shape with dimensions of 46 x 38 x 36 with bottom flaps. The tri-wall paper allows it to be stacked 4 high in your warehouse!

Call 888-432-7596 for quick 24 hours prices!

For 24″ watermelon down arrow bins http://goo.gl/nLMOHy

Watermelon Slice



Our goal is a commitment to quality and service: to be the best supplier of high performance packaging materials which exceed our customer's needs and expectations.

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