Tomato Cartons

Diecut Tomato Cartons





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  • Hand-fold corrugated carton
  • Stronger than pre-glued box
  • Less expensive than pre-glued box
  • Die-cut self-locking bottom
  • Die-cut self-locking top or gap top
  • Ships and stores knocked-down before use – needs less warehouse space
  • Primary applications: Roma tomatoes & beef tomatoes
  • Construction: Dry board
  • Color/Finish: Kraft, white, standard graphics, & custom graphics
  • Style: Die-cut, vented with hand holes. Machine set up available

For bulk applications click the link below

Fixed plastic bins

25# tomato machine set up
25# tomato machine set up

Tomatoes Love Cartons!

Consumers love tomatoes packed in cartons too! On virtually every front, tomatoes in cartons are a winning combination. Whether we’re talking about the pure tomato taste, convenience of handling, or the benefits for the environment, the tomato-carton relationship is here to stay.


Tomatoes Love Cartons


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