Gaylord Packaging Boxes

Gaylord Bin

  • Rectangular sleeve/tube
  • Flanged top and bottom
  • A popular choice for field-to-market distribution of large produce
  • Designed to fit on GMA 48″ x 40″ standard pallet for compatibility with shipping and storage systems
Primary Applications




Super A/Flute

Board Test

1200#/112ECT (Produce Grade)


Direct Print

Our super-strong Gaylord bins are not just for agricultural applications. Here’s what one our customers said about their recent experience:

I wanted to let you know how well your boxes are made. We set one of your gaylords on a pallet wrapper and forgot to put a pallet underneath before we filled it with golf balls. We dumped about 12,000 balls (1,200 lbs) in it before we realized it did not have a pallet under it. We did not want to pull all of the balls back out, so we slid under it with the forklift and managed to lift the entire Gaylord full of balls with just the two forks on the forklift. These boxes are very well built.”

Thank You,

Stephen Smith
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In the U.S. and Canada, the term gaylord is sometimes used for triplewall corrugated pallet boxes; this is due to the first bulk bins being manufactured by the original Gaylord Container Company of St. Louis, which was acquired by Crown Zellerbach of San Francisco in 1955.